Jimmy Ryan


I've always had a love for media and automation. I started out in radio, and moved to media automation. More recently i've been focusing on security automation.

Automation Developer

From media to security, I enjoy automating tasks and making people's lives easier and more productive in the process.

Media Creator

I started in radio and moved to online content in 2011. Creating, and helping people create content is one of my biggest passions.



Jimmy Ryan

Automations developer with over 10 years experience. Current automation focus is in security, but have experience in media, devops, hr data, office tasks, and more.

  • Dallas, TX
  • (469)445-5947
  • contact@jimmyryan.info

Professional Experience

Senior SOAR Automations Developer

2023 - Present


Technical Account Manager

2022 - 2023



2016 - 2022

Vokal Media

Lead Tech

2012 - 2016


Morning Show Producer

2003 - 2012

CBS Radio

Open Antenna

Open Antenna is an Open Source project that allows anyone to spin up a server and have their own media platform. Setup is as simple as getting a server, running a command, and answering some questions. Within minutes you will be able to post content, and podcast on your own website / media platform.


Automaton is an Open Source project for automation that allows you to control your own automations using Python. You can schedule scripts, or have them run based on webhooks, with web frontends available thanks to Flask. In fact, this website is an instance of Automaton. With this front-end, and automations being performed every day!

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