About Me

I have always been a big fan of radio and open source technology. I started a podcast called “TheTechFixx” in 2004 that ran for a year, making it’s way up to number 10 on PodcastAlley.com (pre- iTunes / Apple Podcasts). During that, I joined Live 105.3 / CBS Radio in Dallas. There I was a part of The Liz Wilde Show, and Producer of The Jagger Show.

In 2009 I started a podcast studio called Streamd.tv. There we produced dozens of live shows and streamed content from our studio in Dallas 24/7. We started a podcast called “Really Bad Radio” that got over a million views pushing the envelope on what was possible back then, with live video call-ins and video interviews every night.

In 2017, I started as CTO at Vokal Media Inc. There I led an amazing team to develop fully automated production studios, and an entire Netflix-like platform including both web and individual native apps. The amount of technology developed at Vokal is truly astonishing – with just about every possible media automation being accomplished.

Today, I continue to advise for Vokal Media and other media and technical projects. I’m also working on my latest media project, “Open Sourced Solutions” along with my first open source software project, “Open Antenna”.